Aug. 14, 2015: Pre-season Game One

Football is back! Ok so it’s just pre-season but it’s football. It was so great to be at Soldier Field last night. Weather was awesome! The starters didn’t look like starters. The defense allowed a touchdown on the first series. Not good. The Dolphins just marched down the field. I had visions of last year and I didn’t like it. I said to the guy in front of me, “I’ve seen this movie before (last year) and I don’t like how it ended.”

Though I know I can’t draw any conclusions from the first pre-season game. They don’t game plan and our starters didn’t play much. We did end up winning, 27-10. I’m happy they won but I know I can’t get too excited about a win and I can’t get too bummed about a  loss. I just keep repeating it’s pre-season, it’s pre-season. The real battle and when it counts begins in a month.

I love my new Bears bling ring. It’s so cool. Time for bed now, will talk bling next time.


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