Aug. 24, 2015 – We’re 2-0

DSC05339My team is 2-0. It’s pre-season. I have such mixed emotions. The starters looked better Saturday night in their second game. Concern is they have not scored a touchdown, only field goals. Does this mean I should take our field goal kicker on my fantasy team?

We can’t win on field goals. Our defense looks so much better than last year. Then again if they looked any worse I might have to take pepto-bismol┬ábefore the games as I literally would be nauseous. They were horrible last year.

Our back-up quarterback hasn’t done too bad which I guess is reassuring? Game three is the one that matters. Well not in the standings or anything but it matters in that our starters will play their starters. Saturday night will give a better idea on where our team is in readiness for the season. I hope I only see our kicker for PAT’s.

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