Sept. 15, 2015 – Can a loss be a win?

Is there ever a win in a loss? I’m not sure. On opening day, at home, we got beat by our biggest rival, our biggest nemesis for the past several decades. The Packers are thought to be one of the best teams this year in the NFL with allegedly the best player. We only lost by eight points. Most thought it would be much worse. My beloved Bears hung in there and if it weren’t for what many thought were four terrible play calls on the two yard line, all passes when our running game was going well, and then an interception, the game may have turned out differently. We were terrible last year, 5-11. It’s going take time to get the players we need. I know we need to be patient but then we’ve been patient for 30 years. The last and only time we won the Super Bowl. It did at least give me hope that perhaps we will be better than all thought and predicted. We shall see.

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