Sept. 21, 2015 – I’m seeing yellow

DSC02195Well, all the hope I gained from last Sunday disappeared in a matter of a split second and a pulled hamstring. The game yesterday was going ok. Not great as we allowed a kickoff returned for a 108 yard touchdown. Never a good way to start. We kept in the game. The lead kept changing. It was either team’s to win. Then, it happened. An interception, an attempted tackle, a hamstring injury, and the team fell apart. It was like someone just stuck a pin in their balloon, no not a pin, an ice pick cause the air left the field and the stadium very quickly. The fact that team set a record for penalty yards at home, 170, yes, 170 yards in penalties, didn’t help the cause either. How can you get 170 yards in penalties? I’ve been to games where we almost didn’t have that many yards in total offense. You can’t win a game with that many penalties for crying out loud. Now granted there were two pass interference calls, one questionable in my eyes, that were huge yardage. We went from almost beating the best team in the NFL to looking like we couldn’t beat the best high school team. It’s going to be a long season.

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