July 4, 2016 – Good bye Peyton and Thank You

I’ve never been an Indianapolis Colts or Denver Broncos fan but I’ve always been a Peyton Manning fan. He is a great role model on and off the field. Yes, I heard the rumors a few months ago of alleged “bad behavior” and the rehashing of an allegation that took place while he was in college, other than that he has remained out of the national spotlight for negativity. He carries himself well and is respectful of the media and fans. At least he is from this fan’s perspective though I’ve never lived in the same town has he has played in so maybe I am missing something. I doubt it.

We need more Peyton Manning’s in the game of football and all sports. He loved the game and that’s why he played it professionally for 18 years. You did it the right way Peyton and you were rewarded with the rare gift of going out on top, a Super Bowl champion. Even though I you broke my heart twice during your career, I still loved watching you play and am sad I’ll never get the chance to watch you again. The first time you broke my heart was when you won your first Super Bowl. I was so happy for you yet I was so sad. That’s because I’m a Bears fan and you beat my beloved Bears. That crushing defeat was eased only because it was you who beat us. Any other team and well I still might not be over it! The second time was when you had your surgery and couldn’t play for a year, ending your amazing consecutive game streak that was on a collision course to break Brett Favre’s record. Not being a Favre fan, I was so pulling for you to do that.

I’ll miss you Peyton as well as millions of other football fans. Thank you. You’re one of the reasons I love the game. I may never get to see you play again, but I will get to see you in Canton in five years!


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