July 23, 2016 -Vicktory – We All Deserve a Second Chance, even if we have 4 legs – Part One


First, yes I spelled Vicktory correctly, as this is an update on the Michael Vick dogs. You remember them don’t you? I hope so. If not, here’s a quick reminder. Back in 2007 he was convicted of bankrolling a dogfighting operation. I won’t go into details because it is horrific. If you don’t think it is, then please research it, and if you have any sense of compassion for life, you will agree, it is horrific, even if you’re not an animal lover. But this isn’t about bad stuff, it’s about good stuff, no fabulous stuff.

It’s about getting a second chance. Everyone deserves a second chance, even if you have 4 legs. Maybe especially since you have 4 legs and are innocent and have no say in determining your “career” path. It’s also about discrimination. That seems to be a hot topic now. No one can be discriminated against due to race, religion, sex, color, age, disability, or national origin. Shouldn’t this be true about animals? Isn’t breed sort of like race?

There is an ongoing fight in this country to eliminate breed discrimination. The targeted animal of choice today (it’s changed through the years) is the pit bull. They are the innocent victims in this and in the Vick case and sadly, dog fighting rings that still exist.

You ask how does this relate to sports? It relates because an athlete, a high profile athlete, was involved. His status thankfully brought awareness to this country of this horrific, unimaginable “sport” that takes place in parts of this country. Yes, it is considered a sport by those who watch. Unfortunately, the participants have no say so in their desire to participate. Which if they could tell us, would all say NO.

That is one positive. Action is being taken to end dog fighting and breed discrimination.

The other positive is where the Vick dogs are today. If you don’t believe dogs deserve a second chance, you need to learn more about the Vicktory dogs.

To be continued…..

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