July 24, 2016 -The Vicktory Dogs – We All Deserve a Second Chance – Part Two

There were I believe something like 53 dogs found at the kennel. Of those, 22 went to Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah. If you love animals check them out.

These dogs were believed by some to be unadoptable and should be put down. The beautiful thing is not everyone believed that and to make a long story short, the 22 were off to Utah and Best Friends. After much work, many long hours and much love, eventually 20 of the 22 were adopted. The remaining two were deemed by the court unadoptable so they get to stay at Best Friends forever, which, even though it’s not home per say, it’s a wonderful place to be with many, many loving caregivers. They are blessed.

I was at the Best Friends National Conference over the weekend. Yes, this blog is about football, but my other passion is animals and well, it’s a little quiet right now before training camp starts so I’m going to get a little off topic just one more time. Though again it does sort of relate to sports.

At the conference I saw a showing of the moving “The Champions” which is kind of like a “where are they now” follow-up to the VIck dogs. It’s a documentary, a little like ESPN’s 30 on 30, so there, it’s sports related.

It is a fabulous, heartwarming, a true second chance, “victory” story. It’s a beautiful journey from when the dogs were rescued, brought to Best Friends, their rehab, and best of all, the achievement of the true goal, a forever home for the dogs. It doesn’t tell all of their stories but the ones it does tell is amazing. I mean how many of us haven’t had a player on our team get hurt, be out for the rest of the season, get the rehab needed, and they’re back playing and we’re cheering them on.  Or what about a player who has a drinking or drug problem. They get rehab and we welcome them back with open arms. We are quick to give them a second chance.

So while you’re waiting for training camp to begin take time to search out and watch this movie. It will motivate you, inspire you, and give you reassurance that when given a second chance, one can truly shine.

I also ask that if you live in a town or city, where breed discrimination exists, please write or call your state representative and ask them to rethink this law. Help save an animal’s life.

Now how many days until training camp begins?

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