July 28, 2016 -The Tail of Two Passions – Part Four

Then again I LOVE animals. They give me total joy just to look at them. I can tear up with tears of joy and tears of sadness when it comes to animals. I can’t imagine my life as a kid without pets. We got our first cat when I was about four and just always had one which then in high school became let’s say a few more. I’ve had two cats my “adult” life. My beloved Myriah for 18 years and now my beloved best friend Malachi. He just turned 16 and God willing I’ll have him many more years.

To be able to work to help truly save lives, to stop abuse, discrimination, get them all into happy homes. That would be amazing. To do this for my job, to be making a difference, that would be a fulfilling.

If I had to choose what would I do?

To be continued…..

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One thought on “July 28, 2016 -The Tail of Two Passions – Part Four”

  1. I would have to go with the animals ☺ all they want from us is love and attention , and they give unconditional love back 24/7 ☺☺🐕🐶🐭

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