Sept. 4, 2016 – Four days and counting

Four days until it starts. Four days until Sunday becomes a day when faces are painted, flags are flown, homes and friendships become divided, and the quest for Houston in February begins.  Four days until team colors are the normal apparel and certain other color combinations become forbidden to be worn. Four days until the 2016 NFL season begins. It’s been a long off season. Training camp is over. Pre-season games are played. It’s time for the real thing.

Four days and we get teased with the prospect of the season beginning. It’s just one game. One game featuring a rematch of the Super Bowl which really isn’t a rematch considering the Broncos no longer have Peyton. Then we anxiously wait for three more days for Sunday. Sunday when there’s over ten hours of football. If you add in the pre-game and post-game shows it is well over sixteen hours of football. Sixteen hours of pure heaven, unless of course your team losses. Then it’s “well, I guess we won’t be undefeated this year.”

Four more days. I can “bearly” wait.

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