Sept. 10, 2016 – The Day Before, Have Blind Hope

One more day until the fun begins! One more day until the countdown to Super Bowl LI begins. One more day until the joy of victory or the agony of defeat becomes a Sunday mainstay. Or for some weeks, it happens on a Thursday or Monday. Whatever day your team takes the field, the day begins with hope, no matter what the past week brought, there should always be some hope at the start of the day. As the day progresses and the game is played, that hope transforms into triumphant or “ugh, here we go again.”

Today though everyone should have some hope. All but one team (Carolina since they lost Thursday night) is still on the road to 16-0. Every team has a chance at the ultimate prize, the Lombard trophy. Even if your team was terrible last year, it could happen. We’ve seen it happen. The surprise team that comes out of nowhere and totally turns around their season and goes from last to first. We’ve seen it, from last place to winning the division and beyond!

Today, think with your heart, think like a fan that can only see in team colors. Believe it can happen. Picture it, there you are, in the stands, in Houston, in February, going crazy, jumping up and down, screaming like there’s no tomorrow, “We won the Super Bowl!”

Just for today, don’t let reality creep into your thoughts. Enjoy the day! Bask in the possibilities because tomorrow, that could all change.

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