Sept. 11, 2016 – Opening Day 2016 – It’s Finally Here!

Finally, opening day of the NFL season. I know. Thursday night was the official kickoff game of the season. For the majority of us though, today is opening day. The day we’ve waited for since February for football. The off season for some was longer than for others. Most fans have interest in other things, other sports, but for the die hard NFL fan this is it. For the next 21 weeks, we can talk about football, we can listen to sports talk about football, we can watch football, we can dream about football. We determine our daily schedule around football. We play in our pools and pick our fantasy teams and pretend we know what it’s like to be the General Manager of a team. We have days we proudly wear our team colors from head to toe and we have days we almost wish our license plate didn’t let the world know we’re a fan.

Whether you go to the game or sit home and watch, it begins with joy, with hope. Good luck and enjoy the ride!

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