Sept. 18, 2016 – New theme song for Sunday Night Football

Is it me or does the new theme song for Sunday Night Football lack something? It just doesn’t have that rhythm or that I want to sing along pizazz to it. I mean I’d look forward to the start of the game and that song and the video that went along with it. Why did they have to change it? Why? What was wrong with it? I mean even after a day of football, getting up early, going to the game, experiencing the joy of victory or the agony of defeat, I still couldn’t wait for another football game because it’s true, I’d been waiting all day for Sunday Night. The 3rd game of the day, another game to enjoy before facing the fact there’s work tomorrow. It just had a great beat. You knew the words and sang along.

I’m sure eventually the old will be forgotten and the new will seem normal. I mean honestly, I had forgotten that I used to be asked if I was ready for some football every Monday Night. How about you?

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