Sept. 30, 2016 – Can Injuries Ever be an Excuse for Losing?

In the NFL, injuries aren’t supposed to matter. They’re not supposed to be a reason, an excuse, for losing. If you’re a player on a team in the National Football League you’re expected to be ready to play, to compete. If a starter gets hurt it’s next man up. That player is expected to come in and play just like the starter. But, they’re not a starter for a reason. They don’t get practice time like a starter. Is it fair or sensible to say injuries don’t matter?

The theory is if you’re good enough to be on the team that is all that matters.The thinking is that a team, a good team, a smart team, will only have individuals on the roster that can help the team to win. That if the starter goes down, no one will notice anything changed in regards to the play on the field and the results. The only thing different is the number on his jersey. The expectation of the Coach and General Manager is they have put together a team full of “starters” so it’s an even trade when an injury occurs. Is this reality? Very rarely.

For some teams, very few teams, this is how it works. Player down, next man up, no worries. For most teams, it spells disaster when a key starter goes down, their quarterback for example. Most of the time when this happens, the wind is sucked out of the team and their fans. Unless of course you’re Bill Belechick in New England where he’s 6-0 with rookie starting quarterbacks. What? That’s crazy!

Let’s face it, the fans know when one player goes down you can probably survive, unless it’s your quarterback, two down, it’s questionable, three or more, it’s time to study college football’s best players and start counting down to the draft.

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