Dec. 11, 2016 – Cleats for a Cause

Last Sunday was Cleats for a Cause Sunday. The NFL allowed players to design their shoes to represent a cause they are passionate about. Super kudos to the NFL! It was an idea 18 months in the making between players and the NFL. You got it right! This was a super fabulous idea and I personally love it! What a great way to bring awareness to so many great cause and raise money. Some players auctioned their shoes after the game.

In this day of NFL players being suspended for illegal drug use, domestic violence charges, drunken driving, and illegal hits, it was a great way to show players in a more positive light. There are good guys that care and want to use their talents and popularity for the good and to help others.

I hope this becomes an annual event. NFL and players, please continue this wonderful idea. I encourage everyone to read about all the great stories about the various Cleats for a Cause. If you can, choose one or several and do what you can to support the charity.

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