January 1, 2017 – Happy New Year!

A new year begins! So many hopes and dreams are being written, better known as New Year’s resolutions. What will you be targeting to accomplish in 2017? It’s also the final day of football season. Week 17, Game 16 for all 32 teams. For several teams today, it’s win and play another game, lose, and it’s over. For some, the season has been over for many weeks and they’re playing for their draft spot. For 12 teams the season will continue. They are going to the playoffs and visions of spending the first weekend of February is still a potential reality.

It’s been a long season for me, my Bears were out of playoff contention basically in September. Injuries aren’t to be used as an excuse but 19 on injured reserve didn’t make things easy. Though you always want to see your team win, we’ve been playing for our draft pick for weeks.

One more game. I can’t believe the season will be over. Today will be a day of mixed emotion, my heart wants them to win, my head knows a loss would be a better draft pick. Oh the challenges of being a sports fan.

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