Oct.29, 2017 – I Can Do That Job!

This year, referees no longer run to the sidelines and “go under the hood” for play reviews and challenges. Nope not any more hiding while reviewing. Modern technology has caught up with them and the NFL. Now, they will go to the sideline, but not the back of the sideline like before. Someone, hired by the NFL, will meet them carrying a Microsoft Surface tablet.

What do I say to that? I can do that job! For those that haven’t read my book, Tailgating Tales: Diary of a Female Football Fan, this was a segment after each home game diary entry, of a job I know I could do during games. Well, I have found one more! I mean, really, what qualifications does one need? Must be able to walk, recognize which one of the guys in the white stripes is the Referee (hint: think white cap), be capable of carrying at least 5 lbs, steady hand, make sure the screensaver is set for over two minutes, and jog off once the Ref has determined the correct call. I can do all of that!

How do I apply? Job seems simple enough, and I’d sill be able to watch the game, and from the sideline no less. I love this game!

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