Nov. 2, 2017 – Touchdown Celebrations – A good or bad thing?

This season the NFL decided to lighten up their stance on touchdown celebrations. Their reasoning, put the fun back in football and the players and fans want it. Hmmm? Did you take a vote on that? I think there are other changes that could be made to put the fun back in football.

Now maybe I’m in the minority here but WHY is there a need to celebrate you did your job? Why can’t players just hand the ball over to the referee? The celebrating is getting out of hand and ridiculous. It’s not just players scoring touchdowns, it’s sacking the quarterback, recovering a fumble. Everything’s a celebration. It’s become a production. A premeditated skit. How many people do a dance when they have a success with their job? Then again, maybe we should all start and we’d have more fun at work.

One thing Mr. Goodell did say was no twerking, no sexual gestures, or offensive acts. That’s a good thing. Or is this because you’re leaving that to the cheerleaders. Have you watched them lately Mr. Goodell? But that’s a whole other blog.

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