When a Win comes with a Loss

The only stat that really counts in football is number of wins. It’s what determines if your season continues into the playoffs or not. Many will say it’s not easy to win a NFL game. Fans of some teams will say it’s much harder than other fans. That said, every win is cherished. Every win is celebrated no matter what the record of the team you beat. But sometimes with a win comes a loss. A loss of a key player that will change the make-up of your team and maybe, in your number of wins. 

I was excited and happy my team, the Bears, won yesterday, but also sad. We suffered a big loss. One of our best players, one of our leaders, went down with a serious injury, Kyle Long. It hasn’t been said how long he’ll be out. He’s a key to our offensive line which is key to our quarterback’s success.  I feel terrible for Kyle and am praying for his recovery as he’s had a tough few years recently. Hang in there Kyle!

Anybody else have one of those days? 

Thursday Night Football

Your week is almost over. Tomorrow is Friday. The weekend is almost here which means Sunday and football. But wait! It’s Thursday! There’s football! I could watch football every night and I don’t think I’d get tired of it. From a fan’s perspective whose team is playing, is Thursday night football a good thing? Is it any different from a Monday night game? If you’re watching from the comfort of your home, probably not.  If  you are going to the game, maybe. Your answer might depend on how many Monday and Thursday games your team has scheduled. I love night games but unless it’s a Sunday night game, it does mean for home fans leaving work early to get there on time and if you tailgate, it’s even a shorter work day. Or do you use a vacation day?

For the visiting team’s fans it’s a different story. Thursday games ARE different from Monday games. You have to more than likely take at least two vacation days and maybe three depending where you’re traveling from and where you’re traveling to for the game. 

Or are Thursday games great for planning a long weekend get away?

As someone who travels to away games. I don’t mind Thursday games depending on how many away night games my team has and location. But in all realty, no matter what the answers to those points are, I will just work around things regarding vacation days and make it work.

I know the NFL isn’t going to change anything for the “small” number in reality of fans it affects, but what are your thoughts? 

Back up and running!

I should give myself a BIG penalty flag for delay of game for not posting in 11 months. I’ve regrouped and am believing I’m back on track with a new perspective! My goal is to blog several times a week. Stay tuned for more! You can follow me on Twitter @aFootballdiary as I’ll be tweeting with each new post.