When a Win comes with a Loss

The only stat that really counts in football is number of wins. It’s what determines if your season continues into the playoffs or not. Many will say it’s not easy to win a NFL game. Fans of some teams will say it’s much harder than other fans. That said, every win is cherished. Every win is celebrated no matter what the record of the team you beat. But sometimes with a win comes a loss. A loss of a key player that will change the make-up of your team and maybe, in your number of wins. 

I was excited and happy my team, the Bears, won yesterday, but also sad. We suffered a big loss. One of our best players, one of our leaders, went down with a serious injury, Kyle Long. It hasn’t been said how long he’ll be out. He’s a key to our offensive line which is key to our quarterback’s success.  I feel terrible for Kyle and am praying for his recovery as he’s had a tough few years recently. Hang in there Kyle!

Anybody else have one of those days? 

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