Cheering for the Home team

Recently a group of Miami Dolphins fans were asked to either quit cheering or leave. Several fans of the opposing team complained.

Now I don’t know what they were cheering or what tone of voice they used. Thus, my thoughts are not directed towards them. I wasn’t there and don’t know the true context of the situation. These are more general thoughts on cheering.

Cheering is definitely needed and welcomed by the home team. It’s encouraging to the players and makes it harder on the visiting team to get their plays in and can be a factor in getting penalties and botching plays from being completed. 

Everyone cheers and shows their enthusiasm in their own way. However, one must be conscientious of those around them, including visiting fans. Visiting fans have the right to cheer for their team. That said, I do believe they have to understand they are not at home, it is not their house. For visiting fans, sometimes the amount and intensity of their cheers can be determined by the number of fellow fans in attendance. The more fans, the more cheering. You know the saying, there is strength in numbers. Be respectful.

Back to cheering by home fans. I’ve been at home games where, quite frankly, there have been some obnoxious home fans screaming and yelling where I would have like to have asked them to please stop and welcome security to at least ask them to stop or leave. It’s a rare occurrence, but I get it. 

Everyone has the right to enjoy the game and cheer, but again, it shouldn’t be something that interferes with someone else enjoying the game. It’s called respect.

Go cheer for your team when it’s appropriate, don’t use profanity, don’t say rude things about the other team or fans, don’t SCREAM. Keep things in perspective, as it truly is, just a game. 

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