Follow up to Standing at games

I blogged recently about when someone is standing and everyone else in the surrounding area is sitting. Sunday while at the Bears game in Buffalo, the opposite occurred. EVERYONE was standing for well what was supposed to be the entire game I’m sure. It became blow-out by the visitors, which I think hindered that from taking place.

This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this. There are several stadiums or at least part of the stadium around the league that stands for the entire game. WHY can I ask? There are times yes when fans should stand. Yes stand when the visitor has 3rd down. Yes stand when an exciting play is taking place and your team is about to score or did score. I’m all for it. That’s great. I also am not talking about any stadium that has designated standing areas. If you’re in one of those sections, by all means stand. No one should complain about someone standing if you’re in the STANDING section. 

That said, I’m talking about the majority of the stadium where this isn’t the case. Standing the entire game can put a damper on another fan’s experience. Everyone should be able to enjoy the game as much as possible. If everyone stands kids attending might not be able to see much of or any of the game. Why would he/she want to come back? Or if a person is elderly or just unable physically to stand the entire time, that’s not fair. What about those in wheelchairs? At Soldier Field, the wheelchair section is the last row of the first level. If everyone is standing, they would not be able to see any of the game. 

So, for me, standing should be for the appropriate time during a game. That to me makes a bigger impact to the team. Just my thoughts. What’s yours? 

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