All 32

Today the Bears played in Buffalo at New Era Stadium. This marked a milestone in my travels to their away games. I’ve now been to all 32 stadiums (counting MetLife as 2 as was there for both Giants and Jets) plus two (Toronto and Wimbledon)! This is my 11th season of traveling, but eight years ago when the Bears played the Bills, the game was played in Toronto. That was a great trip but now another item on my bucket list can be checked off! That doesn’t mean though my travels are ending.

Side note: Atlanta has a new stadium, which I haven’t ventured too but I’m still considering my tour is complete. Though, it is on my bucket list and well, visiting it in February to watch the Bears would work for me!

Fan rules – Standing alone

We all have them or is it just me? Some are maybe just our own but many are pretty universal – Fan rules for game day that you wish everyone knew. You know the fan. They mean well. They love their team. They are excited to be at the game finally. But they don’t know the rules! The Fan rules! I’ll be sharing mine occasionally. They are in no particular order regarding importance.

Fan rule 1 – Know you never have to and never should stand alone. If the people in front of you aren’t standing, you don’t need to stand!!!

You are standing because?