I can do that job – Gatorade pourer

I can do that job – pourer of the Gatorade. Qualifications: steady hand, able to hold a plastic cup, able to hold a cup of Gatorade and hand it to a player without spilling, stand for long periods of time, look good in a blue jacket and hat. I am pretty sure I can do that job!

I can do that job – Tape holder

I can do that job – official end zone tape holder. What qualifications do I need? Stand for an extended period of time, able to hold a piece of tape in place, work well with teammates, be comfortable wearing an orange jacket, and for some, be able to hold the tape and use your cell phone at the same time. I can do that job!

Last Post on my Game Ball – I think

I hate to keep dwelling on the fact I got a game ball after the Bears game against the Los Angeles Rams but I got a game ball! I’m thinking it may be my only game ball so I’m going to milk it for whatever I can. Ok, I know, it was for ALL the fans but I still got a game ball. I did a blog on the digital game ball everyone got to download which was so cool. Then Bears went one step further, a SUPER cool move, and at last Sunday’s game, my REAL game ball was on display! Kudos to you Chicago Bears! Everyone had a chance to get their picture with it (wish I was having a better hair day!). 

I can do that job – Cord Holder

I can do that job! I know I can be holder of the cord. I mean, what does it take to do that?

Qualifications:  must have a pair of gloves, ability to hold 5 – 10 lbs. of cord, walk in a straight line, look good in neon green, must be able to multi-task (walk and wind cord at the same time).

I can do that job!

I got a game ball!

So excited! I got a game ball! Ok so not exactly. After Sunday night’s victory by the Chicago Bears, Head Coach Matt Nagy gave the game ball to THE FANS!!! Thank you Coach Nagy! The stadium was electric and on their feet (a little too much-see other blogs) screaming and yelling and causing False Starts and wreaking havoc with the Los Angeles Rams offense. Means a lot Coach that you acknowledged the fans for their support and their part in the Bears victory! 

Then on my phone I get notification to go to the Bears app FOR MY DIGITAL GAME BALL!!! Great move on the part of the Bears. Thank you! We could download a picture with it! GO BEARS!!!

My Cause, My Cleats Initiative

Love this initiative of the NFL! My Cause, My Cleats allows players to wear special shoes/cleats that represent a charity they are passionate about and then have the opportunity to auction their shoes to raise money for it. Originally it had been a one-week initiative in the past but has been expanded this year to span from Week 13 to the Thursday night game in Week 16. Each team has a designated home game to wear the cleats. 

This was a super fabulous idea and I personally love it! What a great way to bring awareness to so many great causes and raise money. 

In this day of NFL players being suspended for illegal drug use, domestic violence charges, drunken driving, and illegal hits, it is a great way to show players in a more positive light. There are good guys that care and want to use their talents and popularity to help others.

I’m excited this has become an annual event as it’s a wonderful idea. I encourage everyone to read about all the great stories about the various My Cause, My Cleats. If you can, choose one or several charities, and do what you can to help by simply making a donation for whatever you can. 

This one you totally got right NFL! 

Did I really get everything in here?

I can’t believe I did it! I actually only used a carry on suitcase and large tote bag last weekend to go to New York for the game and it’s cold outside! For the past 11 years I’ve been traveling, I think the only time I’ve ever just taken a carry on suitcase is going to Detroit and that’s only because we drive, I use other bags for things, and it’s a dome so not as many layers are needed. I have always had to take at least a medium size suitcase. Determined to change and save time at the airport on the return flight since we were taking a late flight home after the game (something we rarely do), I took only the bare minimum, which was still four layers of clothes, made an adjustment in how I carry my toiletries, left the apples at home, and boom, I was packed! All I can say is, it’s a good thing there isn’t a weight limit on carry on luggage!

MetLife Stadium – Healthy food option

As someone who eats healthy and is vegan, finding something to eat at the stadium is challenging. I usually bring my own apple, maybe some pumpkin seeds, or popcorn. That said, while at stadiums other than my home based Soldier Field, I like to check out the menus just to see what food options are offered. Much to my surprise and delight, this past weekend at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, I came across Petite Greens & Grains. They had offerings of salads, wraps, and some drinks. 

The only downfall is from what I could tell, there is only one location, on the main level. If you don’t get your food when you see the stand, depending where you sit, it could be challenging to find it again and get to it in a timely manner. There needs to be more than one location. 

I can do that job – Protect the G

Protect the G – Security Guard – Qualifications:  Ability to stand tall and erect for several hours, ability to protect yard markers from being moved or stolen.  Ok, so they’re really not protecting the yard makers it just looks that way.  They’re protecting the field so no crazed fan runs on it.  Thus, one must be able to run and tackle someone in a single bound. I can run.  Tackle?  I’m sure with a little practice I could do it.

Game prep – NY/NJ

For me, it’s always a challenge as the weather gets colder, trying to figure out how many layers do I need? I get cold if its below 80. You’d think after all these years I’d have figured it out, but I haven’t totally. There are so many factors that go into play, temperature, is it windy, rain, snow, dampness? It’s just not easy being me.

Today, I’m in East Rutherford, NJ, as the Bears are playing the Giants. Temperature is warmer than expected for December in NY/NJ. Forecast says it will be 53 at kickoff. That said, the forecast is for possible rain for a portion of the game. That means it’s going to be damp. 

Looks like it’s going to be a four layer day. 

I would much rather sit in snow than rain. 

Go Bears!