Hall of Fame Process – Should it be changed?

In a few days the newest class of the NFL Hall of Fame will be announced. The list has been reduced from 25 to 15 and Saturday will be shortened to ten then, to five. The committee will vote on each of the five candidates as to whether they should be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The candidate must receive at least 80% of “yes” votes to get in.

My question is this – Does this process need to be changed to either you make or you don’t? You get one shot. Can we let go of the “in by first ballot” stigma and the set number of players to get in and just vote. I mean a player’s stats don’t change. They’re retired!!! Nothing will be different about what the player did the next year or any year that follows. Change the mindset and change the process. Why drag it on and on for players?

What are your thoughts? Keep the process the same or change it to your either a Hall of Fame player or you’re not, simple as that?

Just sitting and waiting for Sunday

It’s always with mixed emotion I anticipate Super Bowl Sunday. Excited for the game as I am for any NFL game, but also sad. Sad because this truly marks the end of football season. The end of football games for six months. The end of knowing exactly what I’d be doing on Sunday afternoon. Sadly, not the end yet for being bummed my team isn’t playing on Sunday. Double drinks are hard to forget. Oh well, maybe next year.