Prime Time – Double Time

In anxious anticipation of the release of the 2019 schedule, many fans are wondering how many prime time games will their team have this year. The better the team, the more prime time games will be scheduled. For example, the Bears won the NFC North division, are celebrating their 100th season, and are always a big ratings draw, thus, more than likely they will have minimally four, if not the maximum of five, prime time games.

I did a quick look at last year’s prime time schedule and was surprised how many times a team that played in prime time did double time. This meaning, played in prime time two weeks in a row. It happened at least 12 times. A team played Sunday night then the next Monday night, or the team played two Sunday or Thursday nights in a row, or played Thursday night and the next Sunday or Monday night. You get the point.

I just found it interesting and made me ponder why would the NFL schedule so many repeat teams? What are your thoughts?

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