Book – Tailgating Tales: Diary of a Female Football Fan

Tailgating Tales: Diary of a Female Football Fan is a year long journey into my life, a diehard football fan and more importantly, a diehard Chicago Bears fan. The book is a diary from training camp to training camp and traces how my love and passion for the Bears encompasses my life. It explores the idea of how my passion may even verge on the brink of addiction and how I cope with it. 

Tailgating is more than a play by play of one fan’s football season. It’s about a passion for the game. It’s about loving something so much one’s life becomes totally encompassed in it. 

One doesn’t have to be a football fan to enjoy the book. It’s for anyone who is passionate for anything in life. 

The book is available on eBay in hardcover format, on Amazon for your Kindle, and soon will be available on iBooks. Stay tuned for details.