Pre-season is practice for fans too

Though pre-season games can be well a little mundane and are to get the team ready for the season, it’s a trial run for fans too. At least for me, though I’ve been going to games for over 25 years, its good practice, making sure my game bag and my outfit, is game day ready. Many things I leave in the bag and I usually wear close to the accessories, but there are always a few things that need to be added. I must admit, I’ll usually discover at least one thing I’ve forgotten and am glad it’s just pre-season.

What about you? Do you use pre-season games to get back into the swing of football and game day routines?

Last Post on my Game Ball – I think

I hate to keep dwelling on the fact I got a game ball after the Bears game against the Los Angeles Rams but I got a game ball! I’m thinking it may be my only game ball so I’m going to milk it for whatever I can. Ok, I know, it was for ALL the fans but I still got a game ball. I did a blog on the digital game ball everyone got to download which was so cool. Then Bears went one step further, a SUPER cool move, and at last Sunday’s game, my REAL game ball was on display! Kudos to you Chicago Bears! Everyone had a chance to get their picture with it (wish I was having a better hair day!). 

I got a game ball!

So excited! I got a game ball! Ok so not exactly. After Sunday night’s victory by the Chicago Bears, Head Coach Matt Nagy gave the game ball to THE FANS!!! Thank you Coach Nagy! The stadium was electric and on their feet (a little too much-see other blogs) screaming and yelling and causing False Starts and wreaking havoc with the Los Angeles Rams offense. Means a lot Coach that you acknowledged the fans for their support and their part in the Bears victory! 

Then on my phone I get notification to go to the Bears app FOR MY DIGITAL GAME BALL!!! Great move on the part of the Bears. Thank you! We could download a picture with it! GO BEARS!!!