I can do that job – Protect the G

Protect the G – Security Guard – Qualifications:  Ability to stand tall and erect for several hours, ability to protect yard markers from being moved or stolen.  Ok, so they’re really not protecting the yard makers it just looks that way.  They’re protecting the field so no crazed fan runs on it.  Thus, one must be able to run and tackle someone in a single bound. I can run.  Tackle?  I’m sure with a little practice I could do it.

I can do that job – well, maybe

I would like to say yes, “I can do that job,” but frankly, this is one I’m not sure! Could you? Could you be the signaler of the flyover? I mean that looks really, really high up there. I know it’s a large area but again, it’s really, really high up there. These guys are there before the game, waiting patiently and signaling the guys in the aircraft for the flyover then they disappear. What are the qualifications? Stand tall, have good timing and super good balance, and definitely, no fear of heights. Yikes!

Soldier Field pre-game flyover watchers
Soldier Field pre-game flyover watchers

I can do that job – Down Marker Flipper

Downs keeper – Qualifications:  Ability to count to four, tall enough to flip numbers, ability to stand and walk for several hours at a time. Look good in yellow stripes. Stripes are slimming, that works for me!

I can do that job!

I can do that job – Time for a TV Time-out

I can do this job I’m sure! You’ve seen him! The television commercial signaler guy.

Qualifications: must have big bright orange gloves, ability to frantically wave hands and capture attention of man wearing white hat. Oh ya, for sure can do that job!

I can do that job – Holder of Tablet for Reviews

In my book “Tailgating Tales – Diary of a Female Football Fan” I have a number of “I Can Do That Job” idea. As many fans do, I’d love to work for my favorite NFL team. So I’ll be posting jobs I saw during the game, etc. that I know I could do.  The first one is the Holder of the Tablet for Challenges/Reviews.

What qualifications do I need? Hold up to five pounds? Stand still for 90 seconds? Be ok wearing striped pants and a maroon shirt that doesn’t really match well. I can do all of that. I can do that job!