MetLife Stadium – Healthy food option

As someone who eats healthy and is vegan, finding something to eat at the stadium is challenging. I usually bring my own apple, maybe some pumpkin seeds, or popcorn. That said, while at stadiums other than my home based Soldier Field, I like to check out the menus just to see what food options are offered. Much to my surprise and delight, this past weekend at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, I came across Petite Greens & Grains. They had offerings of salads, wraps, and some drinks. 

The only downfall is from what I could tell, there is only one location, on the main level. If you don’t get your food when you see the stand, depending where you sit, it could be challenging to find it again and get to it in a timely manner. There needs to be more than one location. 

Salute to Service

Thank you to all who have served our country and for those currently serving. So appreciate your time and dedication to protecting our freedom. Keeping you in my prayers for your continued safety. 

Here’s a look back at some amazing flyovers at Soldier Field. The first picture is our clue there’s going to be one. That in itself is bravery. 

All 32

Today the Bears played in Buffalo at New Era Stadium. This marked a milestone in my travels to their away games. I’ve now been to all 32 stadiums (counting MetLife as 2 as was there for both Giants and Jets) plus two (Toronto and Wimbledon)! This is my 11th season of traveling, but eight years ago when the Bears played the Bills, the game was played in Toronto. That was a great trip but now another item on my bucket list can be checked off! That doesn’t mean though my travels are ending.

Side note: Atlanta has a new stadium, which I haven’t ventured too but I’m still considering my tour is complete. Though, it is on my bucket list and well, visiting it in February to watch the Bears would work for me!