Aug. 11, 2015: Two days and counting

Two days and counting. Football season begins! Ok so not officially football season, but it’s football and after waiting over seven months to see my team play I’m counting it. Pre-season is not only the team’s time to get everything in order, it’s my time too. It is my opportunity to get back in the groove and make sure I’m ready for when the the season officially starts, our first “regular” season game. For the most part, after 20 seasons of being a season ticket holder, I have it down. For some reason though, I like knowing I have a two “practice” games to make sure I’ve remembered my radio to listen to the game broadcast, seat cushion, all jewelry, rings, bracelets, watch, necklace. Actually I really can’t remember a time I’ve forgotten anything. I usually have everything in order. Hopefully after the game Thursday, I’ll feel that way about my team.

Aug 10, 2015: The journey continues

cropped-Book-cover-for-Blog-e1439243037635.jpgI wrote Tailgating Tales: Diary of a Female Football Fan several years ago. It was a year long journey into my life as a diehard football fan. The book is a diary from training camp to training camp and traces how my love and passion for my football team encompasses my life.

Tailgating Tales was more than a play by play of one fan’s football season. It was about a passion for the game. It’s about loving something so much one’s life becomes totally immersed in it.

As all diehards know, being a true fan incorporates the depths of your soul. It was a brief look into mine.

It’s time to continue the journey.