July 7, 2016 – Counting down – Three weeks to training camp

Will the start of training camp ever get here? Three weeks from today it opens finally! I’ve been going crazy waiting for football. Not being a huge baseball fan, I’m sports deprived. I’ve been going through major withdrawal. I pay attention to Chicago baseball, it’s just too slow for me to watch. Both teams started off with a bang, have had challenges, but leave the city with much hope. The Blackhawks the last few years have gotten me through with their winning the Stanley Cup last year and going to the Western Conference title the year before. Losing in round one was a killer for me!

I can’t wait to hear the sound of football and see the guys in blue and orange back on the field. What’s so great about this time of year is every fan of every team can have hope. Well almost, maybe not in Cleveland. Sorry. But you got the NBA title.

Here’s hoping to end the season in Houston, site of Super Bowl LI.

July 4, 2016 – Good bye Peyton and Thank You

I’ve never been an Indianapolis Colts or Denver Broncos fan but I’ve always been a Peyton Manning fan. He is a great role model on and off the field. Yes, I heard the rumors a few months ago of alleged “bad behavior” and the rehashing of an allegation that took place while he was in college, other than that he has remained out of the national spotlight for negativity. He carries himself well and is respectful of the media and fans. At least he is from this fan’s perspective though I’ve never lived in the same town has he has played in so maybe I am missing something. I doubt it.

We need more Peyton Manning’s in the game of football and all sports. He loved the game and that’s why he played it professionally for 18 years. You did it the right way Peyton and you were rewarded with the rare gift of going out on top, a Super Bowl champion. Even though I you broke my heart twice during your career, I still loved watching you play and am sad I’ll never get the chance to watch you again. The first time you broke my heart was when you won your first Super Bowl. I was so happy for you yet I was so sad. That’s because I’m a Bears fan and you beat my beloved Bears. That crushing defeat was eased only because it was you who beat us. Any other team and well I still might not be over it! The second time was when you had your surgery and couldn’t play for a year, ending your amazing consecutive game streak that was on a collision course to break Brett Favre’s record. Not being a Favre fan, I was so pulling for you to do that.

I’ll miss you Peyton as well as millions of other football fans. Thank you. You’re one of the reasons I love the game. I may never get to see you play again, but I will get to see you in Canton in five years!


Sept. 21, 2015 – I’m seeing yellow

DSC02195Well, all the hope I gained from last Sunday disappeared in a matter of a split second and a pulled hamstring. The game yesterday was going ok. Not great as we allowed a kickoff returned for a 108 yard touchdown. Never a good way to start. We kept in the game. The lead kept changing. It was either team’s to win. Then, it happened. An interception, an attempted tackle, a hamstring injury, and the team fell apart. It was like someone just stuck a pin in their balloon, no not a pin, an ice pick cause the air left the field and the stadium very quickly. The fact that team set a record for penalty yards at home, 170, yes, 170 yards in penalties, didn’t help the cause either. How can you get 170 yards in penalties? I’ve been to games where we almost didn’t have that many yards in total offense. You can’t win a game with that many penalties for crying out loud. Now granted there were two pass interference calls, one questionable in my eyes, that were huge yardage. We went from almost beating the best team in the NFL to looking like we couldn’t beat the best high school team. It’s going to be a long season.

Sept. 15, 2015 – Can a loss be a win?

Is there ever a win in a loss? I’m not sure. On opening day, at home, we got beat by our biggest rival, our biggest nemesis for the past several decades. The Packers are thought to be one of the best teams this year in the NFL with allegedly the best player. We only lost by eight points. Most thought it would be much worse. My beloved Bears hung in there and if it weren’t for what many thought were four terrible play calls on the two yard line, all passes when our running game was going well, and then an interception, the game may have turned out differently. We were terrible last year, 5-11. It’s going take time to get the players we need. I know we need to be patient but then we’ve been patient for 30 years. The last and only time we won the Super Bowl. It did at least give me hope that perhaps we will be better than all thought and predicted. We shall see.

Sept. 13, 2015 – Is this heaven?

Book cover for BlogIs this heaven? No, it’s Soldier Field! Home of my beloved Bears! Finally! Football is here! I’m so excited the season is finally started. Today, 16 teams and millions of fans will still be living the dream of an undefeated season. Today, 16 teams and millions of fans will end the day with their dreams shattered. An opening day loss. It’s heartbreaking.

It’s a beautiful day with the sun out and a slight breeze. The walk to the stadium is invigorating. Arriving at the stadium 30 minutes before the gates open breathing in all the excitement. Anxiously awaiting the time when we can enter into our Sunday sanctuary for 8 of the next 17 weeks. What will the day bring?

Tune in for a recap of the day and whether I left still living the dream or in a shattered state.

Sept. 10, 2015 – Kick-off 2015

Finally the season is beginning. It’s the first game of the 2015 season. So excited for kick-off! I only wish I was at the game to watch my team start the new season. If this were the case that would mean we were Super Bowl Champions! Oh how I want to be the team to kick off the season at home! As of now, everyone is undefeated. As of now, visions of an undefeated season are dancing in our heads. As of now, everyone is dreaming it will be their team to be the first team to go undefeated, 16-0 and win the Super Bowl! The team to stop those 1972 Miami Dolphins from popping the cork each year. I am so pumped! I can’t wait for Sunday!

Sept. 4, 2015 – Where’s my Football?

Where’s my football? I’m going through withdrawal. After waiting six months finally pre-season football was back a month ago. For the last three weekends there’s been football Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and some Sundays and Monday. Football, football, football. Our football bank that was running in the red, overdrawn, was finally getting a deposit. It got us hungry for the season to begin. Then as quickly as we returned to our game day routine, it was gone. We each had our last pre-season game last night. All games were on Thursday. What? Why? Couldn’t there be one or two on Friday? I know, roster cuts have to be completed tomorrow. Well maybe push it back a day. Make it Sunday and give us some football Friday night. I’m sure I can’t be the only one out there that feels this way. I know it’s the last pre-season game and none of the starters are playing. I’ve had to endure some 4th games that were pretty painful to watch.  I know. BUT IT’S STILL FOOTBALL! I am so ready for the season to begin to get in my football routine. I am so ready for football!

Aug. 30, 2015 – Pre-season game 3 – Ugh!

The third game of the pre-season is supposed to take the temperature of the team and give an idea of how they will look during the regular season. The starters are expected to play into the 3rd quarter against the opponent’s starters. Like a real game. My beloved Bears had a horrible game. We had less than 200 yards in offense. We had several injuries when we’ve already had too many! Our starting wide receiver is 5th on the depth chart. Our starters have not scored a touchdown in the three pre-season games. What? I want to have hope for the season even if all the “experts” don’t give them any. Should I? What can I base it on? What stat can give me hope? Our QB hasn’t thrown an interception? Our field goal kicker is perfect? Is that enough?

Aug. 27, 2015 – No football?

I am so bummed. It’s Thursday. It’s pre-season. There’s supposed to be football tonight. Why is there no football? I don’t get it. I thought there was always football on Thursday during pre-season. I mean our two home pre-season games are both on Thursday night! I was all set to come home, do a few things, and watch football. I check the schedule when I get home to see who is playing and what? I can’t find one game. Not one game is on tonight. There should be football tonight to get everyone back in the habit of Thursday night football. I just don’t get it. Is it Friday yet?

Aug. 24, 2015 – We’re 2-0

DSC05339My team is 2-0. It’s pre-season. I have such mixed emotions. The starters looked better Saturday night in their second game. Concern is they have not scored a touchdown, only field goals. Does this mean I should take our field goal kicker on my fantasy team?

We can’t win on field goals. Our defense looks so much better than last year. Then again if they looked any worse I might have to take pepto-bismol before the games as I literally would be nauseous. They were horrible last year.

Our back-up quarterback hasn’t done too bad which I guess is reassuring? Game three is the one that matters. Well not in the standings or anything but it matters in that our starters will play their starters. Saturday night will give a better idea on where our team is in readiness for the season. I hope I only see our kicker for PAT’s.