Aug. 12, 2015: The draft is coming back to Chicago!

So excited! The NFL draft is coming back to Chicago. It was such a fun weekend this past year. Every team was represented by a least one fan. The city did a fabulous job putting the weekend together. The weather was fabulous! One more item to check off my bucket list. Well sort of. I always wanted to go to New York for the draft. Going to it in Chicago is even better! Though I still have the goal of being there, in the auditorium, when they announce the first pick and the entire first round. Maybe next year, though tickets are ridiculously priced.

I’ll never forget this past draft, day three, sixth round, as I was honored to have been asked by my beloved Bears to announce our pick. I was in disbelief when I got the call. I never imagined I would be on stage announcing one of our picks.

Well, it’s late and we have our first pre-season game tomorrow and it’s home so it will be a late one. I’ll write more on announcing the pick soon.