First Lady of the NFL

Recently the Bears had a 100 year weekend celebration. It was great! They had sessions all day Saturday, combining alum from past decades, back to the 1960’s, along with current players. It was fun to watch the new generation players as the guys from the 80’s and earlier told their stories and how they hit. It’s such a different game now!

The highlight though to me of the weekend was Sunday’s session with two Chicago writers, George McCaskey, Chairman of the Board, and Virginia McCaskey, owner and in my opinion, the First Lady of the NFL. She is so classy, and more importantly, so normal! She is 96 years young and amazing! She goes to all the home and away games and many of the extra events. There is no air about her and one would never know she is the owner of one of the premier NFL franchises in the league. She is sharp as ever and has her thoughts on the team and what needs to be done to win!

I’m so glad she’s with my team!

What are your thoughts? How does she compare to your team’s owner?

Virginia McCaskey